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Safety investigation authorities will conduct preliminary assessment regarding new information on M/S Estonia

Film material was published on 28 September 2020, showing an unreported hole in the hull of passenger ship M/S Estonia.
The Estonian Safety Investigation Authority has on 2 October 2020 taken a decision to initiate a preliminary assessment of the new information. The Swedish and  Finnish Safety Investigation Authorities have agreed to assist their Estonian counterpart in its assessment.

Serious accident with Estonian flag fishing vessel Reval Viking (IMO 9211030) and Lithuanian flag fishing vessel Lokys (IMO 9226736), that occurred on 19 August 2019 in Barents Sea

At 2:08 on 19 August 2019, in the Barents Sea, the fishing vessel Reval Viking (IMO No. 9211030) registered in Estonia collided with the fishing vessel Lokys (IMO No. 9226736) registered in the Lithuanian Register of Seagoing Ships. At the time of the collision Lokys was hoisting trawls and Reval Viking had already completed trawl hoisting and was proceeding at a speed of about 11 knots. Due to the impact Lokys sustained penetration damage of the underwater part of the hull, significant damage of the hull above the waterline, the starboard side cabins have been severely damaged.

Very serious casualty, m/s Kadri

Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau (ESIB) is cooperating with Maltese and Latvian investigative bodies in conjunction with the very serious marine casualty which happened in Estonian territorial waters on board Maltese flagged ship Kadri. Two crewmembers were injured of whom one died shortly afterwards. The safety investigation is conducted by Maltese Marine Safety Investigation Unit (MSIU), Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau (ESIB) and Latvian Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau (TAIIB) are participating as substantially interested states.

Serious drowning accident when tugboat KARL-ERIK and barge OXELÖSUND anchored

Serious drowning accident that occured when the tugboat KARL-ERIK and the barge OXELÖSUND anchored to the north of the island Dagö.

The investigation was carried out by The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (

Final report in Swedish: Serious drowning accident when tugboat KARL-ERIK and barge OXELÖSUND anchored

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