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3D scan report from m/s Estonia pre-survey


Estonian, Swedish and Finnish safety investigation authorities conducted a pre-survey at m/s Estonia wreck site from the 8th to the 16th of July 2021.
During the pre-survey from 11th to 16th of July 3D scanning was carried out with Kongsberg-Mesotech MS1000 scanner in cooperation with USA based 3D scanner expert Brian Abbott.

It's report can be found here.


Estonian and Swedish safety investigation authorities conduct underwater survey on the wreck of M/S Estonia in July


The Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau, the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority and the Finnish Safety Investigation Authority are performing a preliminary assessment of the new information that became evident in September 2020 about holes in the hull of M/S Estonia.

The purpose of the preliminary assessment is to establish whether the new information gives reason to revise the conclusions drawn in the 1997 JAIC-report.

M/S Estonia Preliminary Assessment: Underwater Survey is planned to start in July 2021


The preliminary assessment is performed by the Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau, the Finnish Safety Investigation Authority and the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority. The three authorities announced in December 2020 that underwater operations would be needed in order to complete the preliminary assessment.

M/S Estonia Preliminary Assessment: Governments Informed about Possible Need of Underwater Surveys Deemed Necessary by Flag State


Under the lead of the Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau (OJK), OJK and its Swedish (SHK) and Finnish (OTKES) counterparts have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that describes the work in progress concerning the preliminary assessment concerning M/S Estonia and the need for further measures.

In February 1995, the governments of Estonia, Sweden and Finland agreed to protect M/S Estonia as a final place of rest for victims of the disaster from any disturbing activities